Costume Party

by Ross Brunetti




released 31 October 2014

Artwork by Byron Gray ... ... he's so good



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Costume Party
Costume Party...

Everybody's invited to my costume party
October 31st shit, Halloween is on a Friday
So come to my place, we ragin' all night
Got a ton of alcohol and bunch of strobe lights
Blinky blinky, what you drinkin'?
Apple punch is in the kitchen
And we got a freaky midget dressed up like Nicole Kidman
From The Hours, Virginia Wolfman, it's so crazy
I'm dressed like Tiger Woods so I can fuck a bunch of ladies

"Oh my god! Somebody's been stabbed!!!"

Costume Party...

Shit a girl has been murdered
I heard her screamin' in the bathroom
Her titties hacked off, blood overflowing on her costume
So what do I do? I lock the door
I turn around and hit the floor
Fog machines, ecstasy
On your knees we trick or treat
My dick you eat, I lick your feet
A bloody sheet, it was ME

All night long in a leopard thong
Pink boa yeah I know you wanna rip this bong
All night long in a leopard thong
Pink boa yeah I know you wanna rip this bong


Thanks for coming to my party
I spiked the fuckin' punch
I want you all to die so I can eat you for my lunch
Did I mention I have an affection for your intestines?
I'm sick in the head, but I haven't been tested
This party was a gimmick to mimic my heroes
Jim Jones and Dahmer, I saw it in the mirror
I guess I'm sorry
I have to eat your body
I guess I'm sorry
For my costume party

Costume Party...
Track Name: She's Deceased (feat. ( )raider)
What happened?

You know that I'm such a freak
I know that you're such a freak
At least you were
We were
That means something to me
When I try to figure out what this means

I was sure you that were gone forever
When I buried you down by the river
"I'm alone! I'm alone!"
I shout to my clenched fist
Until I feel your tongue move down and
Close your mouth round my dick

She's deceased
Now she's back and I'm pleased

She's a phantasm
She's a phantasm
She's a phantasm
And it's fantastic
She's a phantasm
A phantasm
A phantasm
And I'm ecstatic
She's a phantasm
A phantasm
Pussy made of ectoplasm
It's elastic
Then we orgasm

She's deceased
Now she's down on her knees
And then I'm down on my knees
Make my dead girl scream for me

I was alone
I was alone
Then she came back
And she came
And she came
And she came
Back for this

She's deceased
She's deceased
But not appeased